We are a shop serving the Downtown & Metro Detroit area, located on the first floor, inside of the GM Headquarters or Renaissance Center as it's commonly know, in Downtown Detroit. We have many services and products relating to shoe repair and custom made shoes. If you need leather, shoe, or luggage repair, consider Exquisite Shoe Fixers for superior customer service and attention to perfection. We also offer minor alterations of shirts, jackets and most any kind of clothing. We are experts across the board in repairs and alterations.

We offer pick-up and delivery, and in many cases same-day service. This gives you a no-hassle experience. We accept all major credit cards. We're the friendliest service in Detroit. We're a one-stop shop for all of your shoe, leather and luggage repair needs. Our professionals work fast and efficiently, performing our operations with skill and speed. You can count on Exquisite Shoe Fixers to get your job done in a timely fashion, for your convenience. We're family-owned and operated, ready to help you now!!

If you're wondering if whether we can help you with your repair or alteration needs, call us today at (313) 471-8265 for more information!

100 Ren center suite 136 Detroit MI 48243 USA